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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Quick Kiddie Update

Things have been very hectic and I have not blogged here or at MAWB Squad in a long LONG time. Just a few quick comments here and there have been all that I could afford to due. Why? Well it is a long story that I will get to once I have answers to a few other questions. Mysterious enough? Good.

So what is new with the kiddies. From youngest to oldest...

Blurg has started cruising but is still afraid to stand on her own. Thank heavens. I fear she will be a real terror once she can go solo. She has added a new favorite word to her vocab, "No!". She has cut 4 teeth in the past week and is working on 4 more. And she is NOT happy. And finally, she will be celebrating her 1st birthday in 9 days.

Boo Boo has crossed over into a horrible obstinate phase. She will be lucky to make it to her third birthday. On a cuter note, she has also entered the dress up phase and always wants to be in party clothes. And when she isn't she pretends. Just the other day she was running around the house wearing nothing but her pull-ups, tap-tap shoes (black mary janes) and a pink bowl on her head yelling, "I am the queen".

...........45 minutes later...............

Blurg is sick, fever shot up to 102. Most likely an ear infection but urgent care is closed so we will drug her and wait until morning. Tonight she will sleep in my arm as we rock together in the glider. Sigh. Also, Bogus was holding the little screech monkey and as soon as I went to take her she smiled, turned her head and said, "Bye Da". Drama queen.

And on to Bug. His current topics of enjoyment are spring, herb/carn/omnivores, multiplication, structures of the inner ear, and pirates. And he is still questioning the existence of God. And now that he and Boo share a bunk bed he has pointed out to her that because she is on the bottom the monsters are under her bed. Such a big brother thing to do. We are also preparing for his 5th birthday party. He turns 5 on the 27th. He andBlurg will share a Pirate Party on the 30th. There will be pirates, snakes, and buried treasure. What more could he want?

And last but certainly not least, the biggest kiddie, Bogus planted tomato seeds today. It seems we will have 33 plants this year (this is actually lower than last year).

Time is took to write this post - 1 hour 27 minutes. Less than 500 words. Ugh!

It is now 4/4 in the p.m. and wouldn't ya know that my meanderings didn't post. Let's try again.


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