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Friday, January 21, 2005

T T T Tamiflu

So I took the young'ns into the doctor yesterday and after the nose and throat swabs, and Boo Boo's chest x-ray, it is offical, influenza is in the house. And luckily no strep or pneumonia. Since noth Bug and Boo were in the first days of ailment, they were prescribed TAMIFLU. I was also put on this anti-viral med as well, as a precaution. Supposedly, it helps to shorten the duration and severity of the stymptoms. Let's just say IT ROCKS!! Both the kiddies' temps dropped to close to normal range. They have energy and appetites. I got some sleep. Hurray!! Let's just hope this luck continues.

If you or any family member comes down with "the flu" make sure to ask your doctor for tamiflu for you and the rest of the family. It is worth it.


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