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Monday, January 17, 2005

Now Showing....Bug Live

Bug and I went out for some mom and son bonding this weekend. First we hit Hammetts Learning center so he could pick up a book on human anatomy and then we went to lunch at Subway. He loves deli sandwiches. Anyway, as we ate we discussed the overhead transparencies in his new book. And thus, Bug Live, began. He would ask me questions. I would ask him questions. He would ask the people waiting in line to place their orders questions. It always went something like this:

Bug "Know what?"
Unsuspecting Patron (UP) "What?"
Bug "The small intestine is the longest organ in your body."
UP "Really, did your Mom tell you that?"
Bug " No silly, I learned it on my new computer game about the body. Did you know the large intestine is where the poop is made and then it come out your rectum?"
(He smiles that devilish grin)
(giggles from the teenage girls in the place)
UP stutter stutter "What else do you know?"
Bug "A lot. Want to hear about the circulatory system?"

Next UP "Sure"

And so on and so on and so on for about an hour. He also got to talk to 2 EMTs (Emergency Medical Techs) that were on their lunch break. They thought he was a riot.

Now there was one lady that wasn't too impressed. But then again he pointed out that he knew she was a woman because she had a big pelvis. Men have smaller pelvic bones. (These are the times when I just smile, shrug, and blush.)

Eventually lunch was over. He put on his stegasaurus fleece hat, asked me to adjust his spiderman boots and we left. And this is when I started to think more seriously about homeschooling.


At January 19, 2005 at 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fabulous story! I think my turkey on wheat would come out my nose if I got to witness that scene live.

Cathy in the Wright

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