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Friday, January 28, 2005

A New Bed, Attempting to Crawl, and A Trip to the Dentist

Well, this has been a busy week with lots of stuff going on.

Boo Boo Bear
After several nights off Boo falling out of her toddler bed, she finally got a big girl bed this week. Actually she got the top half of the bunkbed that she and her brother Bug are going to share. Unfortunately, I was a little slow in gettting the frame put together, so the first night she slept on a mattress that was on top of the bunk bed shipping box. It was still pretty cute none the less. Once the real bed was up, she was thrilled. Oddly enough, her bed is now taller than her brothers'. For some reason I didn'r realize/remember that the legs of the bed would be taller to allow for head room once the beds are put together. Oh well, have I mentioned that she is a little monkey. She just grabbed ahold of the guard rail and flung herself right over. And for any safety natzis that might be reading this, no she will not be on the top bunk once they are put together.

Her other activity of the week has been throwing tea parties. I have had tea with bears, Barney, Barbie, and her cousins M & M from Iowa( they were not really here but she misses them and thus pretends that they visit).

Blurg a.k.a. Fuzzy Duck a.k.a. Minnie Me
Little Blurg has been trying really hard to crawl. She drags herself along with one arm really well. At least well enough that she can go from room to room. And she can get up on her hands and knees, she just can't cooridinate the movements. And today she tried to pull herself up on the couch trim and failed thus gaining her first motility battle scar. It is a beautiful goose egg on the noggin. She was definately more angry and hurt. She is a tough little fuzzy duck. Now if I can only convince Boo Boo that her little sister is not a bank, life will be good.

Bugga Bugga Boy
And as are all things with our Bug, our trip to the dentist this week was fun. Bug needed to get a filling in between his molars. Most kids, even older ones would freak out a little but not Bug. We walked in, he greeted the receptionist and and got himself signed in. After a little small talk, he went over to check out the fish tank. He then announced that 2 fish were dead. One receptionist was a little concerned, the other was stunned. Why? Because, he was right. Between his appointement 2 weeks ago and this week, two fish had died. When asked how he knew he said, "Last time there were 13 and this time there are only 11. Will there only be 9 left the next time I come in?"

They chatted more. Then one asked if he liked sports. His response (as he jogged in place on a chair), "I like running. Did you know that runners from Kenya are some of the fastest in the world?" That's our Bug.

He also likes basketball . It's fun to dribble but he can't make a basket. He also got to talk about his trip to CA when he was 2 and his most recent trip to Iowa. That is where his favorite cousin Mac lives. He proceeded to talk about all the things they like to do together, jumping on the bed, off the furniture, etc. Bug and Mac are only 6 months apart and look and act more like brothers. And now everyone at the dentist office knows about it.

There are many other funny stories of the week but they'll have to wait. Plus, I need to start/finish my rant about Magnet schools. Hee Hee Hee.


At February 1, 2005 at 5:12 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

I really really really wish I had been blogging when my kids were little. It's amazing how many details escape you after the years have passed.

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